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terraform /'ter{shwa}f{phon_capo}:m; NAmE f{phon_capo}:rm/ verb [vn] to make a planet more like Earth, so that people can live on it  look it up

The best planet to terraform is the one under your feet. This webpage is devoted to collecting useful information and ideas and tips to help you and your neighbour to re-form this planet "so that people can live on it."

Do-it-yourself terraforming is the only viable option to ensure this planet remains livable. Governments will not make the timely hard decisions and adopt the policies necessary to prevent further damage and to help the planet repair itself. But, governments, though rarely great leaders, are always quicker to follow. Lead with example, and don't fret if the policy makers finally take credit for the work done by yourself and others.

Earthrise, NASA

This picture was taken by the Apollo astronauts in 1969. They are the only ones who have ever looked back at Earth from another celestial body. The celestial body in the foreground is not going to be habitable any time soon, so we need to rework the one in the background.

Got the picture?

I first heard about green house gases potentially causing global warning in 1970 in a first year chemistry class. Professor Bell mentioned the CO2 monitoring set up by Keeling at Mauno Loa was showing CO2levels were rising already. I guess the prof did not tell the politicians so they could act, and find a way to curb fossil fuel use. Now, 50 years on, the clock has run out.

Emissions Data

The IPCC has sounded the final lap with the AR6. Read it. Then weep. Then fix this.

The problem with the IPCC is the reports are limited to climate change. We also need to know what is going to happen to the flora and fauna (biosphere change induced by anthropogenic climate change). In North America, animals and plants are moving their ranges northward to escape the heat, but the Arctic is warming at a faster rate than anywhere else. What happens when species start to fail, and prey-predator relationships go entirely out of whack, and salmon die in too-hot-to-spawn-in rivers or cannot reach the spawning ground because the farmers took out all the water, and forests die from fire and heat and drought and the soil dies and the need for air-conditioning drives demand for more electricity (humans are in that biosphere, though we act like we are above all that messy bio stuff)... and ...?

At least read the Summary for Policy Makers, even if the only policy you make is who you vote for.

There is a vast amount of material at the IPCC site. Read it. Act.

For instance, there are fun fact sheets (doom and gloom in two pages) about fossil-fuel-drive climate change as it affects:

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