Global Emissions Data

The Internet is full of carbon reports and carbon emissions data. I found at Our World In Data some CO2pages and downloadable data. So I did. And created a database from the data, and am hoping to track some countries near to me.

Paris emission reduction commitments or pledges or maybe-dos if not too hard

Nobody wants to cut emissions at a cost to their economy, so they make pretty promises but accomplish not so much.

How is Canada doing? Promise making? Great. Emissions cutting? Not so good.

USA is doing slightly better percentage wise, but terrible in absolute cutting.

China did not commit to a reduction at paris.

Recent spewings

Top Twenty by tonnage

Top Twenty per capita where population is greater than 10 millions. I exclude low population countries as they can have very high per capita emissions even with low tonnage of emissions.

Over half the emissions come from a small number of countries. A very small number.

Big Blocs Emitters: