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215 Little Indians
My COVID-19 page, where I try to figure out some of the data published by the provinces, and find it wanting.
Kidz n Covidz The best way to learn about COVID-19 is in school, right?
Open Covid Data browser. See the opencovid data project.
OxCGRT data, the Oxfoxd Coronavirus Government Response Tracker, is a dataset tracking how governments worldwide have responded to COVID19, using a defined set of criteria. Check their website for details.
This is early days for my view of the dataset; there is more to come.
Lock em up, Scout Correctional Service Canada data shows a bias to lock up Indigenous folks. Shall we say a systemic bias? Oh, yes, let's shall.
My CV(curriculum vitae).
Family Tree Link Request
This is a page about economics
PVH Recipes! A Union! Airsick bags!
My Old Home is where I spent my childhood.
Roxio is where I worked on consumer-level video-editing software. This is us on the last day
North Plains is where I worked on enterprise-level digital asset management software.
More logging.
Cat logging
Links to other people caught in the Web.
My astronomy pages
Chemistry! (sort of)
NHL Hockey pages
Climate-Change Concerned Canadian Citizens Supporting Alberta Separatists Party
Billionaires: Threat or Menace
Pirates of Finance
All roads lead to shopping, but Best Buyer, Beware
what fun, a power outage in Toronto, on coldest day and night of winter
What web page is complete without an opera
Some links I like
Andrew's gene-sequencing essay
Newspaper columns from 1981.
music hacking a mysql db to store all the various music media in the house. DAM, I need a DAM.
1001 books
World's most expensive home thermometer
The Basement Art Gallery of sketches by people who hang out in the basement.
some photographs.
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