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Oh, Canada, eh?

In fall of 2002, I took an economics course at the University of Toronto's School for Continuing Studies. During the course of researching a term paper, I found a wealth of information on the Web pertaining to Economics, and nearly-Economics, from both the left and right perspectives. Some of those links are below...

StatsCan English
Stats Canada en francaise.

Stats Canada can give you every scrap of data you need. Browse this site; there is lots of free information, and this is the best national statistics organization in the world.

Industry Canada English
Industry Canada has lots of background information on what we should and could and did do.
Monetary policy got you down? Don't understand why your kids can't get good jobs, but inflation is being held down to protect the bond holders? Go to the Bank of Canada, the source of all things to do with money supply and bank rates.
Candian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Plenty of good reading at the Research and Publications pages, and the Links button will take you where you want to go today.
The Centre for the Study of Living Standards
Canadian Council on Social Development or Conseil Canadien de Développement Social
What's a trillion dollars? C.D.Howe says it's the size of the GDP.
Globalization and branding got your goat? Look further than No Logo, a good starting point...
...but, for another point of view, try WTO
Don't invite them in! IMF -- International Monetary Fund Home Page
OECD, either the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development or the Obsessive Economic Consulting Disorder?
Lean to the right? Try the Institute for International Economics Homepage
Lean further.The Economist is ever so slightly biased to the right.
A more sinister approach is more to your liking? Perhaps the Progressive Economics Forum website might amuse you.
The best thing about the course? Finding out about Polanyi and the Great Transformation and being able to read the book, and make some sense out of it.
Finally, a nice compendium of links to just about every economic resource on the Web, the aptly named Resources for Economists on the Internet
The Globe and Mail's Report on Business is required reading for staying current with Canada's economic woes. It is called the Dismal Science for a reason.
Nothing beats a good tract and a cartoon for bringing economic clarity into your life. This was delivered to my door in an ok-to-do neighbourhood in Toronto. The bankers live in the well-to-do neighbourhoods, but I don't know if they were enlightened by this tract.
This is my economics report for the continuing studies class at UofT. This is a pdf file, it requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.