Ontario School Kids and the Ontario Covid Education Ministry


Ontario opened the schools with a pandemic going on. This happened.

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All data is downloaded from Ontario websites:

Current School Year 2021-2022 (data wonk decided to move to new files)

Previous School Year 2020-2021

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Marvel at the Dougness of it.

Testing data:

I am appalled at the testing data summary, as of this date, March 31. If you search for Toronto, and organize by date, they have done <10000 tests and found nearly 100 cases. Thus, if they had doubled the testing they would have found about 200 cases. Thus, the data is too small. And it is not broken out into age or grade cohorts, and there is not clarity as to whether it is data on students only or students and teachers and staff. I would like to see the data broken out into at minimum elementary students and high school students. I would also like to find in the various datasets how the testing is distributed over the schools in a given board. One wants to know if testing is being done in the richest all-white neighbourhoods only, or is there some equitable effort to test in the poorer parts of town. But, it is Doug and Stephen running this show, so the methodology and the reporting will be incomplete and incompetent.


The active data is organized by reported date, but the naming and locating of schools is fluid. A school name may change from earlier to later data, and its municpality may change, making it difficult to track a particular school. School board names seem to not agree with reality, from time to time. If I can sort this out, I will.