Climate-Change Concerned Canadian Citizens Supporting Alberta Separatists Party


The Party will encourage separatist sentiment in Alberta with the ultimate goal being removal of Alberta from the confederation, so the rest of Canada can easily meet our Paris targets.

The Party subscribes to the theory of anthropogenic climate change caused largely by fossil fuels extraction and consumption. Removing Alberta will reduce overall Canadian emission numbers susbstantially.

During his election campaign, Jason Kenney, now-premier of Alberta, suggested there was a secessionist sentiment in the province. The Party acknowleges those sentiments, and will strive to support Albertans in their desire to leave the confederation. ASAP.

Alberta - the emissions and climate pariah

Looking at current emissions data, it turns out that Alberta, if it was a nation, is the second worst per-capita emitter in the world. Saskatchewan is the worst, per capita. Alberta, as a nation, would rank about 28th in the world for absolute emissions.

If Saskatchewan wants to leave, we will not discourage them

Kenney is not the only gas emitter

Albert's GHG emissions in 2016 were 262.9 megatonnes (MT) of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). Alberta's emissions have increased 51% since 1990.

Alberta's emissions per capita are the 2nd highest in Canada at 62.4 tonnes CO2eq - more than three times the national average of 19.4 tonnes per capita.

Alberta as a state would top this list of the top emitters per capita in 2017:

List from wiki for 2017

As a sovereign state, Alberta would rank about 28th or so in the world for absolute emissions in this list. But, as a separate country, they would be their own pariah, instead of Canada's special place.

Oh, Alberta

Alberta's climate change leadership

They burn coal, don't they?

Jason helps the Oil Companies

Jason fights the foreign-funded environmental activistes that hurt Alberta

But lobbying Ottawa for fossil-fuels friendly policy is just dandy. The global lobby may have influenced government policies.

Does Jason want to be the big dog?

Even the NHL does not get it

Deny, deny, deny

The oil patch: a river runs through it.

Albertans just need a little more push

Compare your province or territory emissions with Albertans emissions push

Dump Alberta, Save the Earth!

Boycott Shell, some more

Brenda speaks

Climate news is all over the web, this might be a good source.

The Guardian gives good coverage of climate and pollution. But, they still cover professional sport. Why is flying athletes around their countries and the globe still happening? And motorsport; how can F1 and NASCAR still be a thing?

Climate Change Performance Index 2020 says Canada might do better, but for pushback received from some subnational governments (section 4).

Erin has the tools to save us

Never fear, Nell, Erin DoRight will save us with his climate pseudo-plan


Alberta coat of arms from wikipedia: By Echando una mano - Coat of arms of the province of Alberta in the Canadian Heraldic Authority site, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Numbers are a little odd on the internet, some are CO2 and some are CO2eq; some websites go to 2012, others go to 2017. I am looking for useful, relevant, and timely links and will attach to my website as I find them.

First Dog on the Moon cartoon used by permission of First Dog on the Moon at the Guardian

The official Party blog

Earthrise, NASA

The celestial body in the foreground is not going to be habitable any time soon, so we need to work on the one in the background. Losing Alberta is a small price to pay.