Who am I

My name is Graeme Elliott. I was born on Vancouver Island in 1952. I lived in Courtenay until I was five, when my family moved to Read Island. That home is the subject of this page. My family later moved to Maple Ridge where I finished high school. I lived in various places in the the Lower Mainland, having hung my hat in Coquitlam, Richmond and Vancouver.

I have worked as a logger, and as a labourer in a sawmill, a pulp mill and a steel pipe mill. This mill, in Port Moody, B.C. has long since closed, but was operated by IPSCO. I have been a newspaper reporter, sports editor for the Richmond Review, and a news photographer. I have run my own photography business.

I have studied at Simon Fraser University and the University of Toronto.

I currently live in Toronto, Ontario and am am retired from working as a computer programmer. I last worked on Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software at North Plains Systems. The company was bought, I was terminated. I long-ago signed up for a high-speed internet connection and some space for a home page, and started playing with html, php, mysql, and stuff, to keep current with this technology.

That is where I am at.

Follow the links to seem where I come from...

Tail Block

As I find pictures and maps of the region, then and now, I will add them.

Dec.04.07 I got an email and kind words from this blogger

Some pictures courtesy of my mother and her Kodak Brownie. I am grateful to her for taking the photos in the first place, and carrying them around through various moves.

It is hard to find good, unencumbered pictures on the web that stay in place. These links are oft-broken.

Any one with pictures of old logging methods or news of people named above is welcome to mail me at webmaster@gelliott.ca