Places lookup

I was reading Anabasis by Xenonphon and got to wondering where are all these places the ten thousand went to?
Reading each line and recording each place name into a spreadsheet and then doing a look-up in wikis or googles
seemed a little too last century minus one, so I wondered some more: are there software bits that would help?
Which led me to NLP (natural language processing) and thus Spacy, one such. software runs in python, and you can feed in a blob of text, and it will parse out names, proper nouns, places, sentences and other stuff.
Perfect I thought, but made a bit of mess of classifying people and places. Sometimes, reading the context, you might want to move a word to a People or a Places or a Proper Nouns list for later refinement. So I wrote some editing pages (not shown) to help me classify a word into whether it be a place or person or people name.
Then, I thought, I must share this will the worldww.
Here you go.

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