Welcome to the photo galleries of Graeme Elliott

Some stuff that has caught my eye over the years...

Film photography:

When I worked as a sports reporter, I had to learn to take pictures and process black and white films and prints. I got interested, and over the years used up a bunch of Nikons, a couple of Mamiyas, some lenses, miles of film, and managed to find, shoot, and keep a few pictures I like.

A bike trip in the Gulf Islands of B.C.. In August of 1978, I rode up the Sunshine Peninsula, and down Vancouver Island. I took a few pictures.
In August of 1981 we took a train trip to Prince George. I took a few more pictures.
A car trip across Canada. In July of 1989, I drove from Vancouver to our new home in Toronto with my son. I took a few more pictures.
Beer can art.
Collages I photographed for a friend.
Gallery of miscellaneous photographs.
The Home and Garden Gallery with a memorial gallery for Artemis, our much-loved cat (1998-2005)
The Black And White Gallery

Digital photography:

Digital photography equipment evolves weekly. After some fretting over what to get, I went back to Nikon.

There are some beautiful tags in my neighboorhood, leading to graffiti in the 'hood
Pictures of peppers and stuff like poppies in the driveway.

Beluga, Vancouver Aquarium, 1988

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