A long time ago, in a Richmond far, far away, I wrote a column for the Richmond Review for a few months. It was all good fun, and in hindsight, quite silly. Using a scanner with OCR, I have taken these from the completely analog newspaper, to the digital age.

I was also allowed to write whatever I liked to fill a few column inches in the Progress, a weekly competing with the mighty Maple Ridge Gazette. The publications dates are not available for these. I worked there in 1977, before moving on to the Fraser Valley News Herald, where I was a sportswriter for a year or so, before moving up to the sports editor position at the Review.

This is the result of giving a guy a newspaper sandbox to play in.

Richmond ReviewProgress (Maple Ridge c. 1977)
May.06.1981 Banking Breakdown
May.13.1981 Canada Day CBC
May.20.1981 Drought Unemployment
May.27.1981 Fare Warning Summer cold
Jun.03.1981 Filling up First
Jun.10.1981 Fun and Games Fun and Games
Jun.17.1981 Gather round Gallup
Jun.24.1981 Grass grow History
Jun.30.1981 Habitat House
Jul.08.1981 Hitching Bicycle
Jul.15.1981 Economics What they say
Jul.29.1981 Nuclear Energy School Daze