A cautionary tale

I was in the local Loblaws, and saw some KD, 3 for $4.98, or $1.99 each . I thinks, "buck sixty-six a box, what can go worng?" So I grab three from the display. And, like all of us, pay the bill, pocket the receipt and go home.

Then, later, I look at my receipt in detail, because I do that more often now with all the talk of inflation and deceptive businesses increasing profit margins by feeding on the inattention of the hapless shopper - me.

And, they did. They charged me 1.94 for one box, which had a different product identifer than the other two boxes (all in the same display, with a 3-for price tag). But, now, I only had two boxes of the stuff that is on special, so I do not get the three-for price, just the unit price. Upshot, they charged 1.94 + 2 x 1.99 = 5.92 instead of 4.99, thereby dinging me for nearly a dollar. Recall this is a store run by the immensely wealthy Weston family.

So, I go back to the store and get my full refund, because why would I accept this?

And I notice that the 1.94 price was for a 225 gram package, but the 1.99 price (or 3-for-4.98) is for the new 200g package. But, the boxes are the same size, and all of them are marked KD Original and other blah-blah, and who is going to notice the amount the contnet has shrunk?

That is not the only thing deflated. I am now without KD, and not sure I can buy it ever again.

So, the box content has shrunk and the price has gone up and there was some trickery in the grocery aisle. All the -flations in one transaction: greedflation, shrinklation, inflation, deflation. All for a few measly cents here and there, but it all adds up to shareholder happy and CEO bonus.

I see this happen to us, and wonder if this cynical BS from the topmost is what has made so many bottommost people so annoyed that they now distrust gummit, corps, officialdom and go down rabbit holes looking for the information that will help fix this.