"Giant Lizards and Alligators Devouring the Christians"

a hand-painted lantern slide, depicting lizards eating humans in a ruined city

Metal-frame-mounted lantern slide, scanned by Graeme Elliott. I was afraid of damaging the slide if I tried to dismount it, so I scanned it with the original metal frame in place.

Dan gave me this slide in the 80s. I have no idea how old it is or where it comes from or where it is coming from. The slide is marked '109'. What temperance lecture horrors do '108' or '110' depict? Where would I get the whole set?

© Unknown

The cardboard frame inside the metal frame is imprinted
"National Pictures Service, Inc. Cincinnati, Ohio".

I found a picture of a National Pictures Service lantern slide projector at crowntiques. I made this copy of the picture.