Supervision Report

The only year I found data for an Indigenous peoples census was 2016. At that time, Indigenous populations were less than five percent of the total population of Canada. All being equal, that ratio should be reflected in a similar rate for offenders under the custody of Correctional Service Canada.

The Correctional Service Canada (CSC) data from the Globe and Mail story is broken down per fiscal year by sentences, offenders, various risk elements, and race_group: Indigenous and Non-Indigenous. The data also records race, but under that classification they show values such as Korean or Filipino, which is more ethinicity or nationality. They record items such as White and British Isles under race, which is just odd.

Indigenous Population 2016: Total: 1673785

Canada Population 2016: Total: 35871136

Indigenous/Canada Population 2016: pct: 4.67%

This data shows numbers of persons in custody or community supervision by race_group for each fiscal year.

Corrections Data:

Year: Fiscal Year 2011-12


Indigenous In Custody: 3334

Non-Indigenous In Custody: 11568

Indigenous/Total Custody Population pct: 22.37%

Indigenous Community: 1092

Non-Indigenous Community: 6585

Indigenous/Total Community Population pct: 14.22%

Total: 22579

Dobule Check Total Value: 22579 = 22579

Corrections Data:

Year: Fiscal Year 2012-13


Indigenous In Custody: 3512

Non-Indigenous In Custody: 11512

Indigenous/Total Custody Population pct: 23.38%

Indigenous Community: 1223

Non-Indigenous Community: 6357

Indigenous/Total Community Population pct: 16.13%

Total: 22604

Dobule Check Total Value: 22604 = 22604

Corrections Data:

Year: Fiscal Year 2013-14


Indigenous In Custody: 3472

Non-Indigenous In Custody: 11502

Indigenous/Total Custody Population pct: 23.19%

Indigenous Community: 1300

Non-Indigenous Community: 6422

Indigenous/Total Community Population pct: 16.84%

Total: 22696

Dobule Check Total Value: 22696 = 22696

Corrections Data:

Year: Fiscal Year 2014-15


Indigenous In Custody: 3596

Non-Indigenous In Custody: 10898

Indigenous/Total Custody Population pct: 24.81%

Indigenous Community: 1335

Non-Indigenous Community: 6640

Indigenous/Total Community Population pct: 16.74%

Total: 22469

Dobule Check Total Value: 22469 = 22469

Corrections Data:

Year: Fiscal Year 2015-16


Indigenous In Custody: 3710

Non-Indigenous In Custody: 10612

Indigenous/Total Custody Population pct: 25.90%

Indigenous Community: 1431

Non-Indigenous Community: 6801

Indigenous/Total Community Population pct: 17.38%

Total: 22554

Dobule Check Total Value: 22554 = 22554

Corrections Data:

Year: Fiscal Year 2016-17


Indigenous In Custody: 3725

Non-Indigenous In Custody: 10042

Indigenous/Total Custody Population pct: 27.06%

Indigenous Community: 1511

Non-Indigenous Community: 7249

Indigenous/Total Community Population pct: 17.25%

Total: 22527

Dobule Check Total Value: 22527 = 22527

Corrections Data:

Year: Fiscal Year 2017-18


Indigenous In Custody: 3843

Non-Indigenous In Custody: 9839

Indigenous/Total Custody Population pct: 28.09%

Indigenous Community: 1630

Non-Indigenous Community: 7344

Indigenous/Total Community Population pct: 18.16%

Total: 22656

Dobule Check Total Value: 22656 = 22656

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