I found an XML file of element data on a drive and one thing led to another. The data was processed using python into a few database tables, and pretty soon, a guy needs a web page.
If you really need lots of chem info, look at IUPAC. If you read all the books you will know more than most chemists.

Chemistry is always fun to contemplate. The best model of here so far is the Big Bang Theory, which created a Universe that was mostly hydrogen. But, it had enough gravity to allow masses of H to fall into proto-galaxies and those clouds of H fell into rotating discs and created stars, which blew up and populated the ISM with He and other elements created during nucleosynthesis processes in the supernovae and thus subsequent generations of stars got more and more metallic (astrophysicist deem anything other than H and He as metals), and thus heavier elements seeded the ISM and pretty soon stars were creating system of planets which incorporated all those elements in the stardust and so forth, and in the mix, Sol is created with planets and life pops up, and the internet is created and I can write this. Cool, eh.

Joni wrote about this:
We are stardust
Billion-year old carbon
We are golden