After the logging and the mill work and the newspapering and the photography, I spiralled downward and fell in with software developers.

Where I learned about ADA, and C, C++, Basic, Fortran, HTML, PHP, SQL (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle) and UML,
and XML and JSON and bits of Perl and python and Java and javascript. And PL/1. Postgres and progress,
and UNIX and Linux and Windows. And developed some fluency with git and svn and cvs and Perforce.
And Visual Studio and VS Code and jet brains and Eclipse and NetBeans and Qt.
Jenkins, Gradle, and msbuild. And notepad++ and filezilla.

And have barely scratched the surface.

My resume

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Reference letter from team lead at Sonic

Reference letter from director of video engineering at Sonic

Patent awarded to MGI and transferred to Sonic