Open Covid Data

Text for a selected bloc appears below the table, graphics appear in a new page. Graphics are cluttered due to using only 10 colours. Blocs are based on provincial health regions.

There are four blocs for Ontario, two blocs Quebec, BC and Alberta are a bloc each, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are combined, the Atlantic provinces are combined to one block, and North of 60 is combined as the Territories.

The Provinces bloc shows cases and deaths accumulated into one bloc, but I will add another chunk to display testing on a daily and accumulated basis. Daily testing seems to be sporadic.

Blocs offer a flexible way to group health units. I might write some code so there is UI for users to define a bloc.

Ontario North graph Ontario North graph
Ontario South East graph Ontario South East graph
Ontario South West graph Ontario South West graph
Ontario East graph Ontario East graph
Quebec North graph Quebec North graph
Quebec South graph Quebec South graph
Alberta graph Alberta graph
British Columbia graph British Columbia graph
Saskitoba graph Saskitoba graph
Altantic Canada graph Altantic Canada graph
Territories graph Territories graph
Top Ten Population graph Top Ten Population graph
Provinces graph Provinces graph
Provinces graph Provinces graph
Testing Smoothed
Daily vs 7 day average
Latest CumulativeDaily and Averaged Graphic
Ontario plots
Quebec plots
British Columbia plots
Alberta plots
Manitoba plots
Saskatchewan plots
Nova Scotia plots
Active Cases
DataPlot RawPlot Per10K
Provinces plots plots

Data taken as a csv download from and grouped into blocs of health regions. Data sort is based on the Per10K ( per capita * 10,000 population) statistics, descending.

I chose 10K, as anybody who has been to a sports arena knows what 10,000 people looks like. It is half a Bell Centre crowd. It is an easily visualized number of people - a small town, a crowd at a game.

Confirmed Cases

ProvinceHealth RegionPopulationDateTotal CasesPer10K
OntarioThunder Bay158,1652021-06-123,314209.528
OntarioNorth Bay Parry Sound129,6422021-06-1247736.794

virus model

actual photo of the virus

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