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COVID and Data and all the dreary details of Public Health

In early 2020, the World Health Orgainization declared a pandemic. I started finding COVID data all over the Web, and decided to track some, cause that is what I do for fun.

Over the next two years plus, I discovered that Canada has its share of built-in, systemic an systematic inequality, far beyond that borne by Indidgenous folks. Health outcomes were to a large degree determined by your demographic. White was a good health indicator, Brown less so. And, Canada, with plenty of weatlth and lots of smart data people is kind of crap at doing health data reporting. Starting with the provinces and continuing through to Public Health Agency of Canada, we manage to be tardy and inaccurate and incomplete with the data for COVID, and that data response can be taken as a proxy for all the other health issues data. We can do better. We should learn from COVID and we should do better.

But we won't.

As of June 1, 2022, I have stopped daily updates for most of these pages. But, will pick it up again if a new variant explodes, cause we opened up and let our guard down. As we do.

My COVID-19 page, where I try to figure out some of the data published by the provinces, and find it wanting.
Kidz n Covidz The best way to learn about COVID-19 is in school, right?
Open Covid Data browser. See the opencovid data project.
OxCGRT data, the Oxfoxd Coronavirus Government Response Tracker, is a dataset tracking how governments worldwide have responded to COVID19, using a defined set of criteria. Check their website for details.
This is early days for my view of the dataset; there is more to come.