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Climate change: how we did it and what to do about it

In the early 1970s, in a first year chemistry class at SFU, I learned that carbon dioxide was already accumulating in the atmosphere and the basic science of carbon bonds and sunlight showed that build-up would over time induce heating of the entire globe. The heat trapping effect of carbon dioxide and methane and other gases was well known. The problem was easy to state, easy to understand, easy to fix. All that was needed was to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4), and other diatomic gases, and the problem was solved. But something went wrong and we wasted 50 years and let the problem get irretrievable.
Oh well, we had a good run, you and I.

Links to climate change information
Climate-Change Concerned Canadian Citizens Supporting Alberta Separatists Party
Disaster Doug and his crap climate attitude has set Ontario back, way back, because he wanted to undo green policies the Liberal governments implemented. Politics, not pragmatics. And, with the pending shutdown of Pickering, natural gas fired power generation might shoulder more of the load and spew more GHG. And then Ontarioaniacs reelected this schmoo? Because they don't care about their kids or elders.
Environment Defence studies and communicates
Canadian Climate Institute studies and communicates
Clean Energy Canada studies and communicates
Ontario Clean Air Allinace studies and communicates
News of the World
The Guardian newspaper does not paywall their stuff and thus stands out in their climate reporting. It has daily coverage of some aspects of climate, weather or environmental crises, with a strong UK and Australian bent, of course, but lots of global coverage. What is happening in their backyard matters, so we can learn from the failures of the UK, EU, and Oz.
there must be 50 years to fail your planet
broken record, indeed
cannot afford to fix, let's all just die
the solution might be either a lot of little heat pumps, or one big one
Hydrogen! Cops are coming! Shifting to a Hydrogen economy will help, but you cannot leak the stuff away. because of H2 chemistry in the atmosphere.
A memo to a US prezzie-thingy tells us we could have started fixing things in 1977. But...
the prezzie did not act on this clear and prescient danger.
Adapting is not the only answer. Reduction of emissions must happen. If you want to live here.

In any of my pages, "GHG" means Greenhouse Gas, and may imply carbon dioxide only or any of the known large-scale gaseous contributors to climate havoc. Nitrous Oxide, as used for a pain-killer during childbirth or dentistry, is not one of those. All other Nitrous Oxide applications and other NOx gases are.