A Solution to all of Alberta's Problems!!!

Jason Kenney blames BC and the Feds for Alberta being landlocked, so he cannot get his oil to tidewater for shipping to some place that really wants to buy the stuff, or so we are told. But, one thinks, if somebody really wanted to buy it, wouldn't the price hold despite the glut of other oils?

Never mind that.

Alberta does not need pipelines, and is not landlocked. It sits in two great watersheds, one that runs to the Arctic ocean, via the Athabasca and McKenzie Rivers, and one that runs to Hudson's Bay, via the North Saskatchewan and the Nelson or the Churchill rivers. Both the Arctic and the Bay will soon be ice-free, an accomplishment that Alberta can take some small credit for, due to the province's century of green house gasssing.

So, dump the bitumen directly in the rivers! Let it flow to the sea, and pump it onto tankers when it arrives in the McKenzie Delta or at Churchill. Winter may slow the flow of oil, but one can always heat the flow of oil, bitumen and water with some natural gas burners along the way.

Easy, peasy.