The Well-paid CEO

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has published a series of reports on how stupidly over-paid the top-paid CEOs in Canada are. As in, they are paid more than the average worker makes in a year by some time in the early days (hours) of January.

I poked at CCPA and got the spreadsheets that form the basis of the PDF reports. The PDF reports focus on the top 100. The spreadsheets go way deeper. And I already had the basis of a database having done the PDF reports. So, of course, a database was made using the excel spreadsheets data

I have not made available for download the spreadsheets, as they are not published by the CCPA but only shared with me. And, they are a bit messy.

you can start here....

2021 CEO data

Top 100 CEOs pay aggregated

Directory of CEOs in database

Corps that spent the most on the C-suite

Directory of Corporations in database

Directory of Corporations in database by sector

Some stats from the database

How the data was transformed from PDF to SQL: read me