Ancient Geography Locations

I was reading Herodotus (downloaded from Project Gutenberg) and kept running into names of places and I had no idea where those places were. Same happened with Thucydides and Peloponnsian wars and Xenophon and Anabasis, his recounting of a trip to overthrow the Persian king (with a possible fratricide and regicide all rolled into one rollicking tale), a must read.

Where is Thracia and where is Syracruse and Tigris and Babylon one wonders and flips to wiki and googles and loses the thread of the narrative, and who has just betrayed whom.

Then I found a bunch of maps in a copy of The Atlas of Ancient and Classical Geography by Samuel Butler

Data! Eureka! I feverishly copied the index pages out of the Project Gutenberg version, whipped up a database, and have this ....

check for Ancient Geography place names...

I am sure Thucyides, Herodotus, Xenophon and Butler would be pleased to have this at their elbows as they read or write.

You can also see all the places indexed for a particluar map. When all the data is transcribed I may have to split those listings alphabetic or by some number of rows...

The data entries are from the index pages in Butler's Atlas, as copied from the Project Gutenberg version. Copying was messy work, and I probably have a fair number of transcription errors, so I have links to the index pages which were provided as JPG images in the Gutenberg edition. As I find transcription errros from jpg to db, I will fix them. There are two pages on each index image so the index page number is included as well as L (left column) or R (right column).

There is another version of Butler's map at the University of Texas. I downloaded those and made them linkable as well, as they are slightly easier to read. Those have links marked "Utexas".

The maps have longitudes referred to Greenwich at the top and Ferro at the bottom. The coordinate data displayed refers to Greenwich.

Butler also supplied maps depicting the world according to Herodotus and Ptolemy, as well a a map of migrations about and into Europe.